Devices of compulsory speed decrease
«Speed bump»
Suitable for the installation of the carriageway of motor roads near pedestrian crossings and in areas of increased danger, where the compulsory restriction of speed regime is necessary.
Dimensions: sections longevity – 500 mm, width – 400 mm, height – 50 mm.
1. Common patterns in the Ukrainian market are presented in black with yellow accents with the smallest total area of 30% according to State Standard requirements. Using alternately stacking the basic elements of black and yellow color, provided 50% of the average total area of yellow color, which in turn improves the visibility of speed bumps in the daytime.
2. To date, among the Ukrainian producers, only «SIC VALSA GTV» LLC provides products reflective elements that improve the visibility of bumps in the road unlit areas at night.
3. «SIC VALSA GTV» LLC in Ukraine is a leader in the manufacture of wear-resistant rubber. The use of specialized raw materials ensures the quality and durability of products.
4. A more explicit «spinous» form surface provides a secure grip and self-cleaning surfaces.
The kit includes:
  • The main part (black) – 2 pcs.;
  • The main part (yellow) – 2 pcs.;
  • Side piece (black)) – 1 pcs.;
  • Side piece (yellow) – 1 pcs.;
The scheme of «Speed bumps» on unregulated pedestrian crossings:
Devices of compulsory speed decrease (scheme 1) Devices of compulsory speed decrease (scheme 2)
Devices of compulsory speed decrease (Parking curbs)
Parking curbs
  • is a rigid structure of high-strength rubber with elongated yellow striping. For fixing holes are made, reinforced by metal washers;
  • for mechanical vehicle movement restrictions in the limited space of a parking place, significantly reduces the risk of damage as a car, and parking elements;
  • resistant to various fluctuations in temperature, power and influences the action of the salt in the winter season;
  • can be used to protect pedestrians from the collision, separation lanes etc. 
Devices of compulsory speed decrease (Rubber ramp)
Rubber ramp
  • Designed for a smooth arrival at the border (cars, bicycles, strollers, carts, etc.);
  • Especially important for vehicles, ramp provides a smooth check-in and exit curb reducing the load on the car's transmission and protects the wheels from the collision with the angle of the curb;
  • Rubber ramps can withstand heavy loads, easy to install, have a long lifetime in the ramp has a cutout for the smooth passage of waste water into the drain.

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