The innovative solution for your business is the fettling «Wave»!
The wear-resistant rubber-metal fettling of the mills «Wave» with a wide range of excellent features and the warranty period up to 40 months without the replacement of components will make your product more qualitative!
The high requirements of the Customers to our products stimulate the scientific and technological development of the company «SIC VALSA GTV». Using the advanced technologies of the 21st century and our own elaborations, we have created the unique rubber fettling, the key feature of which is the durability.
The construction of the fettling «Plate-Wave», born thanks to modern science and rigorous technological tests, creates the cascade or the mixed operation mode of grinding environment, in which occurs the «rolling» of grinding bodies, which in their turn create the destruction of mineral raw materials by the shift.
The wave-like profile of the fettling «Plate-Wave» provides for:
  • specified efficiency from the first hours of work;
  • preservation of the wave profile of fettling till the full wear, which provides the stable technological indices during the whole operation term;
  • operation without the replacement of fettling elements;
  • improvement of technological indices of mills work at all stages of grinding.
The «Plate-Wave» consists of the wear-resistant rubber mix and vulcanized metal hardware (carcass), which additionally renders hardness.
The type and contour of the working profile of the plate wave can be very different depending on the technological features of the mill. In addition, the working surface of the plate waves may have the special oblong blind-end niches, during the working process in the niches are wedged metal balls, thus preventing the fettling from the intense wear.
For fastening the rubber-metal fettling are used the existing holes on the drum metal ware.
Depending on the working conditions the sizes and the weight of plate-wave elements change.
The fasteners may be executed as with the hard fixation in the hardware and with the movable. The screw diameter of fasteners is selected based on the working conditions of the fettling and structural features of the mill.
Technical characteristics:
Wave tabl
* The length of the fettling element is chosen in consultation with the customer. Maximum length - 1000 mm.
** Housing dimensions are selected under thecustomer’s grinding bodies.
*** Overall dimensions W (width), H (height) can be changed by agreement with the customer.

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