Rubberizing of rollers, bands, wheels, rolls, gutters, chutes
During the manufacturing of mechanisms, machines, aggregates there is a need to make the protection of metal surfaces of articles in contact with aggressive environments. The scientific researches and practical operation have shown that the application of rubber coating (gumming) is the effective method of protecting surfaces from the aggressive environments (conditions) of operation (wear, corrosion).
The rubber has the following useful properties – flexibility, high chemical, mechanical, thermal, oil and corrosion resistance, gas-tightness.
Rubberizing can be used for many types of details. Our enterprise has the necessary technical basis for gumming of car parts, tank rollers, track rollers, equipment for production of sinter and pellets, fettling of chutes of crushing equipment, drums and rollers of conveyors, metalware and other products on the customer’s demand, for which the reliable protection of surface is necessary.

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