The manufacturing of rubber linings organized on the base of tire plant «ROSAVA», which is the biggest manufacturer in Ukraine.
Production of rubber compounds is performed according to the original recipe using high quality raw materials (rubber SKI-3, CDS, etc. Meet the state standards) on the modern equipment of the company «FarrelBridge» (England) with a high degree of automation. With this rubber has high strength and durability.
Confirmation of high quality rubber is a long-standing practice of delivery of rubber compounds the leading European manufacturers of tires, conveyor belts: «GoodYear», «Transport Gummi» and others.
The installed equipment enables to produce rubber and rubber products weighing from a few grams up to 100 - 150 kg. This provides uniformity of properties throughout rubber manufacturing volume.
Rubber linings for drums ore-grinding mills are manufactured by injection molding, providing uniform heating of massive harvesting over the entire section.
Curing in an environment saturated with steam guarantees a stable and uniform heating of the shape and details from all sides, the homogeneity degree of curing the inner and outer parts of the rubber lining, which is particularly important for increasing wear resistance.
To ensure a high level of developed products, improving production of RTI processes, introduction of innovative technologies on the «SIC VALSA GTV» production creates its own design department and the technology service to meet the latest requirements.
Technological Service has at its disposal «Quality Laboratory», which is equipped with a full range of laboratory equipment to measure the quality of incoming materials and components, process control production, testing finished products, development of new materials to meet the requirements of production customers. Laboratory equipment allows testing of products under static and dynamic conditions, at temperatures from - 60 ° C to +200 ° C. The laboratory has a certificate of State Standard of Ukraine.
All this allows us to follow all the best trends in the production of industrial rubber goods, quickly navigate to a partner needs to produce high quality rubber goods meet international standards.

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